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Series of events: Platz nehmen

A series of events for a free culture of debate at Schillerplatz by Academy | Art | Public Sphere.

The Schillerplatz has always been a place where different paths come together. At the same time, as a small park, it is a place where one can linger. In this respect, the motif of encounter, exchange and negotiation is inscribed in Schillerplatz from the ground up.

Conceived by the department Academy-Art-Public Sphere, the series of events with different focal points will bring the teaching taking place at the house to the outside and invite to the public debate of socially relevant topics. The focus is on involving and generating a public at Schillerplatz. As a central setting for these meetings, tables will be set up, each of which will be staged and designed by students and teachers from different departments, together with invited institutional cooperation partners and international guests. In the future, we want to hold debates once a semester on different key topics at Schillerplatz, together and open to all.

The first event at the beginnng of October will start with the two historical figures at the square, Friedrich Schiller and Johann von Goethe, and will actively work on the historical heritage with which we as a contemporary art institution and society are confronted in many ways.

With another event planned for spring 2024, we want to kick off the semester by discussing new forms of communal living together with all students and staff of the Academy as well as the residents of the city at Schillerplatz.

We invite you to the table and to a public exchange!

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