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Doctor of Technical Sciences

The Institute for Art and Architecture (IKA) at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna offers a doctoral programme in architecture (Dr. tech.) in accordance with Section 54, Paragraph 1, Item 2 of the University Act 2002. The programme comprises a total of 180 ECTS credits for a duration of 6 semesters. Requirement for admission to this study programme is a degree (Magister, Master, or Diploma) from a recognized institution of tertiary education in Austria or abroad in architecture. In addition, students need a confirmation of an IKA-professor that she/he will supervise the dissertation in order to be admitted. The decision to grant supervision is based on a synopsis of the chosen dissertation topic.

Goals and Qualifications
The doctoral study of technical sciences at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna focuses on theoretical, historical or experimental research questions that arise in the context of architecture, cities and art. There is no specific content or method given. Welcome are innovative scientific examinations of problems that are relevant in the context of contemporary debates, as well as works that deepen theoretically and experimentally the position of the architectural design process.