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Recognition of achievements

What courses are potentially eligible for recognition?

  • Achievements from study programmes at recognized institutions in the field of tertiary education that someone completed before admission at the Academy.
  • Only individual achievements can be credited, not entire study programmes.

What does a recognition entail?

  • A recognition replaces the respective course listed in your curriculum at the Academy and is treated as if the student had actually done the course at the Academy itself.

How do these achievements have to be proved, and what does the application have to comprise?

  • All documents must be submitted either in English or in German. Documents in any other language must be submitted with professional translations
  • Depending on the country where the respective educational institution is located, further proof may be required. Information is available from the Registrar’s Office.

What course information must be included in the certificate, transcript, collective certificate or Transcript of Records?

  • Course title
  • Number of hours of the course to be recognised (e.g. total hours, hours/week, or ECTS points)
  • Confirmation of successful completion of the course (e.g. "has attended" or grade)
  • If content equivalence is not obvious, it must be supported with proof. (This information can be found, for example, in the respective curriculum or in the content description of the course in the course catalogue of the educational institution.)

The number of hours must be at least 75% of the number of hours of the course it is intended to replace. Several courses with the comparable content can be used together to achieve the same number of hours as the course at the Academy, and vice versa, one with a correspondingly high number of hours for several courses with the comparable content at the Academy.

If achievements accomplished at institutions of tertiary education other than the Academy are to be recognised as "free elective courses" for the studies at the Academy the end of the studies, they must also be applied for. However, a comparison with a course that can be assessed as equivalent is not necessary here, and courses completed as co-registered students can also be used.

Useful information

Guidelines for recognitions

Assessment of equivalence

Entering recognitions online/Completion aid

Curricula: Fine Arts, Education in the Arts, Master in Critical Studies, Architecture, Scenography, Conservation and Restoration

Points of contact and their e-mail addresses (links)

Formal verification of the documents and application: Registrar’s Office

Support for filling-in and entering data into the recognition form in AkademieOnline: Student Welcome Center

Guidance on recognitions and submission of applications: Please contact the office of your institute at Academy website for general information.

Subject-specific determination of equivalence: Chairs of the Curricula Commissions: Study programs

Formal decisions are issued by the Registrar’s Office and the Vice-Rector for Art | Teaching

Notifications of the decisions are provided by the Registrar’s Office