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Art and Space | Object

The title of the studio for Art and Space | Object (prev. Object Sculpture), which at first may give rise to some confusion, is actually able to trigger a number of basic questions on the status of sculpturing: is sculpture autonomous or can it be vested with ever new meanings from a variety of perspectives? Is content necessary for giving a sculpture a right to exist, or do we communicate via volumes, surfaces and forms? Can we actually communicate with an object? Where is the fine line between design and sculpture, and what does an object have to be like to merit the distinction of being called a "sculpture"?

Exhibition view, bright room with many objects
Class exhibition in a vacant store in 1070 Vienna, 2016, photo © Ivan Perard

Along these lines we discuss various working methods and aesthetics in both one-to-one and group discussions, and we touch on the ways sculpture affects various exhibition situations and spatial constellations. Similarly, we elaborate on how imaginations can be adjusted to real conditions and economics, and how a project /concept can be realized, incorporating the metal, wood and casting workshops and a joint consideration of sculpture, design, film, literature, painting, music and performance.

Male upper body with glasses on the chest
Julian Göthe, Why does it hurt when my heart misses the beat , 2011

Moreover, we deal with the influences and conditions that enable the creation of art, and with the development of a language that reflects individual artistic practice.