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Courses in gender/queer/decolonial Studies

Advisory Board

The call for proposals regarding courses in gender/queer/decolonial studies is released at the beginning of each summer semester. The selection process is divided in two steps: An advisory board consisting of experts in the fields of gender/queer/decolonial Studies compiles a shortlist of applications. This shortlist is then transmitted to the institute chairs who will make the final decision for each institute.

There are two different teaching assignments depending on your teaching experience: Individuals with teaching experience at university-level may teach their proposed course during either autumn or summer semester. Individuals without teaching experience at university-level will teach their submitted courses during the spring semester. As a preparation for this, you will co-teach a course together with an experienced faculty member from the Academy during autumn semester.

The quality of the proposal is the primary selection criteria. The advisory board will select proposals that represent a variety of topics for a broad range of institutes and study programs at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.