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Alternative mode of assessment

According to the Universities Act of 2002 students have the right to an alternative mode of assessment, if they prove a disability or chronic illness, which makes it impossible to take an exam in the planned method, and if the content and requirements are not affected in the alternative mode.

Alternative modes of assessment and teaching are arranged between teacher and student in a transparent procedure, based on a confirmation of a medical specialist (without detailed diagnosis) and after counselling by the contact person for accessible studies. Alternative modes are confirmed and set by the vice-rector for art and teaching.

These adjustments compensate for any disadvantages students may have, depend on the specific disability and mode of exam and can be very different individually.

There is a standardised form available for the agreement, which allows a transparent procedure in setting alternative modes of exams. The form is available for download on the left.

Contact person for accessible studies in the Student Welcome Center:
Mag.a Christina Fasching

Form "alternative modes of assessment"