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Studies at the Institute for Education in the Arts (IKL) are characterized by their unique combination of artistic-creative, mediating, and reflective-theoretical practice. The Bachelor and Master programs offered by the IKL qualify students for teaching positions at secondary schools: the program Art and Education qualifies for the teaching subject Art Education; Design in Context for the newly established teaching subject Technisches und Textiles Werken.

Moreover, the interdisciplinary orientation of IKL studies equips graduates with the professional skills they require for a wide variety of non-school fields such as art and art education in adult teaching, or free artistic and creative forms of practice. Studies focus contemporary/modern cultural and creative acting in the triad of design – reflection – mediation: here, design stands for an aesthetic practice that encompasses the artistic but is not limited thereto. Reflection is conceived as an artist‘s ability to develop a critical distance to her own artistic practice, with the aim of understanding cultural and creative acts within their societal context, and to embed them therein. Mediation, on the other hand, is seen as a communicative principle that defines itself through a variety of formats and target groups: from a pedagogical-didactical approach to communication technologies.

Housed in a newly restored building, in the close vicinity of the Museumsquartier, the IKL has been provided with an ideal combination of lecture rooms, workshops, and laboratories, in which discursive and practical teaching are fostered and interact harmoniously. Students have the opportunity to try out their artistic, creative, and manual techniques in a range of very generously equipped workshops, project rooms, and labs (such as video, photography, printmaking, textile, wood, metal and other production technologies). The IKL team consists of both Academy and external teaching staff who all have a lot of expertise and experience in artistic, creative, cultural-scientific, and art-pedagogical fields.

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