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Student Diversity

It is important to the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna to appeal to students with diverse backgrounds, different experiences, and life journeys, and to be able to provide support for individual situations to the greatest possible extent. On this page you will find compiled information for students with specific needs.

Barrier-free study

Students with health-related limitations will find information on the following Internet pages:

Office of the Austrian Student Ombudsman


Federal Ministry of Social Affairs

Waiver of study fees

Regular students are entitled to apply for a waiver of study fees, if they have a disability with a minimum degree of 50%. As a proof a Disabled Persons Pass (Behindertenpass) issued by the Federal Ministry of Social Affairs is necessary. Please apply for the waiver at the Registrar's Office. The students' union (ÖH) fee has to be paid regardless.

The application form is available at our homepage under point 3 "Waiver". Please note the deadlines!

Further information on support

Increased Familiy Allowance

Increased Federal Aid for Students

Personal assistance (at the work place)

For grants for international mobility, please contact our International Office.

Uniability – Association of people at Austrian universities charged with representation and support of students and employees with disabilities, aiming to improve studying and working conditions. (in German only)

Please find further information in our brochure Studying with health problems

The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna representative Christina Fasching is available to help at the Student Welcome Center.

Change of name and personal status

The official change of name and/or personal status undertaken by transgender, intersex, and non-binary persons will necessitate an update of master data or the reissue of graduation documents.

The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna cares for the well-being of transgender, intersexual, and non-binary persons on its premises and tries everything to carry out all administrative measures as smoothly as possible and will treat all requests confidentially.

Please find further information for changing your master data or having your graduation documents or other certificates or confirmations reissued in our info-sheet.

Studying with Child(ren)

Students and staff at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna are offered two child-care facilities, the children's group Kakadu for children ca. 12 months to 3 years and the Kindergarten LULU for older children, both at the Institute Building on Karl-Schweighofer-Gasse.

Further Information:

ÖH Students' Union brochure “Studying with child(ren)” (in German only)

Website „Studieren mit Kind” (in German only)

Financial aid by the Austrian Study Grant Authority (in German only); Information brochure in English