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Activities of the Center for Doctoral Studies

Events and Workshops

The Graduate Conference and the International Spring Symposia, both events well established at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, will be continued and centrally organized by the Center for Doctoral Studies. Furthermore, the Center is working on the development of new, innovative workshops for Ph.D. candidates and of peer workshops for supervisors.

In the event calendar you can find detailed information about current and past events.

Doctoral Handbook

The Doctoral Handbook provides you with all necessary information on the doctoral studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. In addition, the handbook offers a guide to the preparation of the exposé as well as information on starting your doctoral studies.


Doctoral Handbook

Workshops for Ph.D. Candidates

The Center for Doctoral Studies developed a series of workshops tailored to the specific needs of a doctorate study at art universities. They are aimed at acquiring, deepening, and expanding the already existing competencies of doctoral /Ph.D. candidates from academic key competencies and the best possible promotion and qualification of early-stage-researchers. These workshops are aimed at doctoral / Ph.D. candidates of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna as well as the Kunstuniversität Linz. The current workshops of the Center for Doctoral Studies can be found here.

International Spring Symposia

The International Spring Symposium hosted by the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna first took place in the summer semester of 2013, with the aim of creating a space for exchanging ideas with colleagues from other art or related universities. PhD candidates from various art universities should be given the opportunity to present their dissertation projects to each other and to discuss the questions arising in the course of thesis writing beyond the boundaries of their respective PhD seminars and institutions. The International Spring Symposium has a workshop character, which means that it focuses more on the exchange of ideas and on the joint discussion of content, text organization, methods etc. than on presenting or even defending any final research findings.

Graduate Conference

The Graduate Conference aims at stronger visibility and integration of doctoral candidates at the Academy of Fine Arts. It seeks to increase exchange and networking possibilities among the doctoral as well as researchers and artists of the Academy. Furthermore, the Graduate Conference is essential in enhancing the discussion of dissertations and Ph.D. projects. Debates between disciplines, which are not part of everyday life, are also welcomed. The next Graduate Conference will take place in spring 2023. The calls for proposals will be available here and at the Academy's submission system at the beginning of the year.

Supervisor Peer Workshops

The Center for Doctoral Studies regularly organizes workshop meetings for dissertation supervisors as well as additional events relating to the supervision of doctoral candidates, if required. Such meetings, seminars, and other events aim to develop a common understanding of "good practice" in supervising doctoral theses at art universities, and some of them are done in cooperation with the University of Art and Design Linz.