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Atlas of Local Actors

Organisational Units
Education in the Arts, Art and Architecture
Location Description
Henriettenplatz, 1150 Wien

A co-laboratory in the context of the Urbanize Festival 2015

A temporary sculpture in public space invites neighbors and passers-by to contribute to a collective map of in/formal knowledge on urban space. The co-laboratory developed by Antje Lehn and Johanna Reiner is based on the project „Atlas of invisible spaces“ a year-long exploration of urban space taken with pupils, students, architects and artists. They dealt with strategies of orientation and appropriation and documented atmospheres, memories, languages and other subjective recordings from the perspective of adolescents in numerous maps.

Neighbors and Visitors contribute to this collection as experts on their environment. To start further collaborations actors from the area such as the local library, schools, cultural and social initiatives are invited to contribute with small workshops on topics like multiligualism or local history. To generate and exchange further knowledge these layers will be added to the collection in a co-laborative process.

A project by Antje Lehn (Akademie geht in die Schule) and Johanna Reiner (Eintagsmuseum) with Johannes Hofmann, Günay Özalil and Frank Hagen. In cooperation with acteurs around Henriettenplatz u.a. PROSA, GB* 6/14/15, Bücherei Schwendermarkt and Bezirksmuseum Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus.

Supported by Bezirksvorstehung 15, AgidS and KulturKontaktAustria.