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(No) Rules

Event Label
Organisational Units
Art and Architecture
Location Description
Schillerplatz 3
1010 Vienna
room 211a

James Taylor-Foster/ArkDes, Stockholm in dialogue with Olaf Grawert/, Berlin.
Moderated / curated by Anastassia Smirnova-Berlin and Alexander Sverdlov within the framework of the OFF GRID Dialogues lecture series at IKA.

The lecture series titled OFF GRID brings together design practitioners from various generations and cultural contexts who are interested in the next demarcation of their professional field. They demonstrate that architecture could be understood very broadly – also as curatorship, heritage preservation, social design or research – and, at the same time, propagate the power of architectural system thinking. In their visionary pursuits, aesthetics often turn out to be a function of systematisation, while formal excellency becomes a byproduct of criticality.

The term grid is central to all conversations. It serves as a metaphor for all those well-established, often rigid structures of the past – built and intangible – that can be updated, rethought or abandoned altogether in response to the major planetary issues. Going off-grid therefore means developing concepts with an alternative logic and proposing solutions that imply disconnection from, or at least a critique of, centrally governed matrices.