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Book presentation - reading - discussion with Hanna Mittelstädt

Event Label
Book presentation
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Art Theory and Cultural Studies
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Schillerplatz 3
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1010 Vienna
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Organized by Andreas Pavlic, Eva Schörkhuber and Jens Kastner.

"How hard we tried to be real revolutionaries".

Through their political involvement, Hanna Mittelstädt, Lutz Schulenburg and Pierre Gallissaires got into publishing rather by accident in the early 1970s. Because actually the revolution should be made and not editing, distribution or PR! Thus Edition Nautilus, which they founded, has always worked in the area of tension between political will and the constraints of reality.

Ten years after Lutz Schulenburg's sudden death in 2013, Hanna Mittelstädt looks back on the first forty years of Nautilus. Drawing on numerous documents and found objects from the publisher's correspondence, she tells a story that is as personal as it is collective. Inspired by May 68 in Paris, it was always about the richness of desire, knowledge, and autonomy, about breaking away from conventional notions of "political work," of "political literature." It is the story of the invention of another life.