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Goddess In Art

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Art Theory and Cultural Studies
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Schillerplatz 3
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1010 Vienna
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Conference room

A screening of an episode of the Goddesses docu by filmmaker Laura Hirch followed by a discussion. 

The independently produced 6-part documentary series FROM THE GODDESS examines the role of the Great Goddess in prehistory, ancient history and modern times and explores the concept from many different angles - from archaeology and social science to art and thealogy.

In her series, Laura Hirch shows that women played an important role in earlier societies and were revered not only as givers of life, but also as the organizing pole of the community and a source of sanctity. Episode 5 screened on Friday, GODDESS IN ART, in which filmmaker Laura Hirch explores the theme of the goddess in contemporary art. The goddess was and is a powerful means of expressing political issues. At the same time, artists bring an important perspective to the consideration of female history, as too little attention is still paid to the numerous finds of female figurines from the Palaeolithic and Neolithic periods. 

The film introduces the two artists Prof. Elisabeth von Samsonow and Dr. Ida Marie Corell, who are both active in the Academy's research project The Dissident Goddesses' Network. They will also be present, as will the filmmaker Laura Hirch herself.

There will be an introductory ritual by Dr. Ida Marie Corell, followed by the screening (80min) and a panel talk on the topic, moderated by journalist Gersin Livia Paya with Laura Hirch, Prof. Elisabeth von Samsonow and Dr. Ida Marie Corell.

Afterwards there will be drinks, finger food and music.