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Screening copies and filmmakers in the restoration process - sources and quarrels

Organisational Units
Conservation – Restoration
Location Description
Online via Zoom

Lecture by Julia Wallmüller , Deutsche Kinemathek Berlin, within the lecture series BEST AVAILABLE COPY II the preservation of time-based media ... keep it working . Concept by Carolin Bohlmann and Almut Schilling.

We continue our lecture series BEST AVAILABE COPY and discuss in this semester different, dynamic systems and practices of copying, repeating, reconstructing, reproducing, replicating, which all form a basis for the functionality and preservation of artistic works. The 'functioning' of a work of art includes the smooth interlocking of all technical components and the legibility of the artistic intention. It can be received on many levels - aesthetically, historically, conceptually, etc. The vast majority of objects of modern and contemporary art depend on information that cannot be read from them but must be explored, e.g. artistic concepts. This poses particular challenges for their transmission. From the artistic perspective, their fragile permanence often seems logical; for museums, collections, archives, on the other hand, it is often disastrous. The functioning of a work of art is perpetuated by repetition, which the artist:in generates and restorer:in perpetuates. The lecture series will discuss the resulting challenges, systems, techniques, conditions and experiences with speakers from various disciplines.

The lecture series will be held online every Thursday during the upcoming winter semester at 18h.