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One Day Exhibition IKL: Nehmet und Esset

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Organisational Units
Education in the Arts
Location Description
Karl-Schweighofer-Gasse 3, 1070 Wien

Presentation by Jana Straßer as part of the One Day Exhibitions series.

A tribute to togetherness, a feminist-ironic interpretation of the Eucharist, a symbol of the cyclic characteristics of all life. The video installation „Nehmet und Esset" invites you to gather and celebrate the intervening movements of life and death, decomposition and recomposition.

Jana Straßer studies art and education and design in context at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. In her cross-media artistic practice, she uses means of observation and staging to examine her own and social mechanisms and their interactions.

The presentation takes place in the One Day Exhibitions series, in which students from the faculty of Kunst und Bildung and Gestaltung im Kontext present artistic and designed works in the context of their work. These will take place every three weeks in the summer semester 2022 both at the IKL and online in the Virtual Gallery IKL (

The exhibition series is supervised by Christoph Urwalek, Elke Krasny, Joonas Lahtinen,  Sophie Lingg, Lena Fritsch, Valerie Lange, Miriam Raggam, Teresa Gatterer, Maria Kaufmann, ÖH IKL and the Atelier IKL.