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Bio trifft Kunst

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Education in the Arts
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IG Bildende Kunst
Gumpendorfer Straße 10-12
1060 Vienna

A project by BIO AUSTRIA and the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Institute for Education in the Arts.

In the winter semester of 2022/2023, students dealt with topics related to organic farming for one semester as part of a course of Carla Bobadilla what added value does it have for society? What solutions does it offer in relation to current challenges such as biodiversity loss or the climate crisis? How can food sovereignty be promoted? The students received specialist input at the beginning of the semester in the course of an excursion to an organic farm and through short lectures on specific topics.

With contributions by: Simon Bauer, Nicole Berger, Raffaela Breit, Natascha Briza, Isidora Dimitrijevic, Julia Grubanovits, Tara Gutmann, Gabriela Hutter, Olivia Kienesberger, Maria Samajdar, Stefanie Sima, Therese Paiha, Janine Thürschweller, Kristina Wendlinger, Lisa Wöll.
Accompanied by Carla Bobadilla

With the support of the Federal Government, the regional governments and the European Union.