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publishing between designing and curating

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Education in the Arts
Location Description
Salon für Kunstbuch, 21er Haus, Arsenalstraße 1, 1030 Wien

Saul Marcadent and Giacomo Covacich / bruno
Introduction: Bernhard Cella, Salon für Kunstbuch
Respondence: Elke Gaugele and Simonetta Ferfoglia / ]a[ Fashions and Styles

Venice-based Giacomo Covacich and Saul Marcadent operate in the field of independent publications and magazines at the border between art, fashion, design and research, that provide at the same time representational space for artistic works, and are artistic projects themselves. Apart from the cyclic booms of the biennials, they - one from the position as operator of a bookstore, publishing house and graphic studio, the other as curator and researcher - activate the linkage of editorial and artistic approaches, and with exhibition projects, pursue strategies of spacialisation. bruno has got in place to be a relevant and continuous point of reference for production and reception of the locally active communities, where publishing holds a significant value. Editing vs. Curating, Displaying vs. Exhibiting. Some of the current projects will be presented: Giacomo Covacich on new bruno – a new space, and the series of publications carte blanche a/o the book project Models ; Saul Marcadent contextualises archive findings of his ongoing research on small-scale and high-end magazines such as A Magazine Curated By and Visionaire.


is a publishing house and bookstore in Venice. Initiated in 2013 by Andrea Codolo and Giacomo Covacich, it is operating in editorial consulting, graphic design and art direction, mostly for art and design projects. In addition, bruno functions as a space for book presentations and exhibitions.

Saul Marcadent

is a curator and researcher, actually PhD Candidate in Design Sciences/Fashion Design at Iuav University of Venice. Among his research interests are the relations between publishing, fashion and visual culture. He works on publishing and exhibition projects, using his activity also as a research tool.

Elke Gaugele and Simonetta Ferfoglia

teach at the department „Fashions and Styles“ at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Actually, together with students they develop editorial projects on the conditions of fashion and textile production.

Bernhard Cella

is interested in the economic and sculptural framework in which artists’ books – highly informed objects in themselves – can be used as artistic materials. To this end, he conceptualized the ’Salon für Kunstbuch’, a life-size model of a bookshop, in his studio in Vienna.

© aus: In posa. Modelle italiane dagli anni cinquanta a oggi von Gabriele Monti (Marsilio, 2016)

SALON FÜR KUNSTBUCH and ]a[ akademie der bildenden künste wien / Moden & Styles
in Cooperation with the Università Iuav di Venezia and the AFA – Austrian Fashion Association

This lecture is a prewiev to the main issue Fashion & Magazines of the IKL at Take Festival for Independent Fashion and Arts , 25.-29.4.2017, Alte Post, 1010 Vienna