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Guestlecture by Ania Rosinke about the design work of Chmara.Rosinke
Meeting-ID: 813 0320 7818
Kenncode: H3LA6A

In her lecture, Ania Rosinke talks about the background and methods of Chmara.Rosinke's artistic and creative work. How existing socio-cultural structures are made visible? How do they use materials such as, ready-mades or building materials together with processing from craft and industry? What is the significance of aesthetics regarding sustainability?

Chmara.Rosinke is an international creative studio designing, directing and executing objects, interiors and pop-ups from concept through to creation. They strive to combine craftsmanship with a conceptual and ecological approach, realizing both commissioned and self-initiated projects. Many of their works are inspired by functional and socio-cultural aspects und are trying to translate their observations into objects after its analysis and research. In their designs Chmara.Rosinke pay a lot of attention to details and the emotions objects and spaces arouse in people. Above all, they see aesthetics as an important sustainability factor.
Ania Rosinke and Maciej Chmara met during their architecture and design studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk. Their shared passion for design and art has led to their cooperation. After finishing studies in Gdansk, they have spent two terms at the Kunstuniversität in Linz (space&design strategies), time at the Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien and the TU Wien, and have worked at several architectural offices. Their background includes a wide range of fields from drawing, art history, and architectural theory to interior and object design, what allows them to develop a good understanding for creative work and its realization. Their projects have been shown during the Milan, Dutch, Paris, New York and Vienna Design Week, in MAK, the Austrian Museum of Applied Arts, and other international design fairs and exhibition. Chmara.Rosinke have received many internationally appreciated awards like between others the Neue Wiener Werkstätte Design Award 2012, DMY Berlin Award 2012, a recognition of the Outstanding Artist Award for Experimental Design, in 2014  were finalists of the prestigious The Prix Émile Hermès and were distinguished as MAK designer-in-residence in 2013.  Their works are a part of the collection of MAK Austrian Museum of Applied Arts, Hofmobilien Depot and Museum of Applied Arts Berlin. In 2014 they have curated their first design show: “Austria-South Africa: in discourse” – Austrian exhibition in Cape town during Cape town – design capital 2014. In 2015, together with breadedEscalope and Patrick Rampelotto, they have launched in Vienna SPAZIO PULPO – a space for experimental design. Their works were published in ICON, FRAME, Le Monde, Die Zeit, Süddeutsche Zeitung, FvF, Elle decoration, Domus, Vogue, Icon, AD, this is paper, Damn, trend tablet and many many more. Ania and Maciej like to draw, cook and work with other people on joyful, beautiful and experimental projects. | |