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Education in the Arts
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Online via Zoom

Lecture by Anna Carnapim as part of the #Didactics series, Art and Education.

The Zoom meeting is the digital-visual medium of communication that has successfully emerged as the application of choice for video conferencing. The knowledge of how a zoom meeting works and what it is like to participate in a zoom meeting has been learned by many during pandamic times. From a subjectivation-theoretical perspective, agency is tied to the specific conditions of appearing. The talk will present the results of a reconstructive, transactional platform analysis (cf. Flasche & Carnap 2021 with reference to Nohl 2012, Engel & Jörissen 2018): How does the platform shape the practice that takes place on and with the platform? Which user-subjects manifest at the interface of platform and practices?

Dr. Anna Carnap is an educational researcher and lecturer with a focus on practice and subjectivation theory, reconstructive methods, school, media, power and critique. She works at the Institute of Educational Sciences at the Humboldt University in Berlin in the field of general primary school education. In 2022, her dissertation on "Gender and pedagogical knowledge. A Reconstructive Study of the Visible and the Sayable in School" was published by Barbara Budrich Verlag. She is currently researching the interconnectedness of care and achievement in schools as well as post-digital friendship.

A cooperation with the Art Education Department of the Bern University of the Arts (HKB)