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Seminar of Care

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Education in the Arts
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Online via Zoom

Co-organized by David Graeber Institute and the Program for Art and Education at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

In 2020, David Graeber and several LSE students set up a reading group devoted to the themes of care and caring. The aim of this group was to create a space for discussion and reflection on work that was then (and still is) little integrated into the classic corpus of anthropological teaching. Between February and May 2020, around ten people met in the Seligman Library (now the Old Anthropology Library) to discuss, for two hours, works at the crossroads of radical feminism and the anthropology of care. The David Graeber Institute is pleased to announce the resumption of this reading group. This group is intended to be significantly different in content (it is multidisciplinary, integrating contributions from anthropology, psychology, sociology, architecture, philosophy and the arts) and form (it is decentralized, made up of relatively autonomous local sub-groups spread around the world). The inaugural session will take place on November 19th, 2023.

We will discuss David Graeber’s writings on The Revolt of the Caring Classes. The discussion will be moderated by Elke Krasny.