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Workshop: Wardrobe Stories

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Education in the Arts
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Karl-Schweighofer-Gasse 3
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1070 Vienna
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Language: English

A workshop with Christina H. Moon, organized by Elke Gaugele and Sarah Held, Fashions & Styles (Institute for Education in the Arts).

This workshop explores wardrobe stories through the interplay of image, clothing, and text. Through clothing, we seek connections to our present, past, and future. Closets too, reveal other lives lived. Wardrobes are portals that lead us into other worn worlds and dimensions. This workshop seeks another way of telling who we are, who we once were, who we imagine to be. We will feast in conversation and free write—this workshop is meant to be creative, fun, and grounding. Let’s connect and share the silhouettes of our lived experiences and memory through stories of the wardrobe. 
To participate in this workshop, please bring along with you:
- An image of your oldest garment, an image of your most recent purchase.
- An image of your oldest selfie, an image of your most recent one.
- An image of a garment or object that has significant meaning to you.
- An image of a person who inspires you. 
This workshop will require a writing utensil, paper/notebook/drawing paper, your present and engaged self, and an openness to share. Printed out images/photos is preferred! But if you can’t get to this, then please bring along images via your phone or computer. If you have any questions, feel free to improvise!

Christina H. Moon is an anthropologist and fashion studies scholar in the School of Art and Design History and Theory at Parsons School of Design, The New School. Her research looks at the social ties and cultural encounters between design worlds and manufacturing landscapes across Asia and the Americas, exploring the memory, migration, and labor of cultural workers. She writes on fashion, design and labor, material culture, social memory, the ephemeral and everyday, and ways of knowing and representing in ethnographic practice. She is a Social Science Research Council Transregional Research Junior Scholar Fellow, fellow of the Graduate Institute of Design Ethnography and Social Thought, and member of the India China Institute at The New School, and Fashion Praxis working group at Parsons. She is the former Director of the MA in Fashion Studies program at Parsons and sits on the Editorial Board of Fashion Studies Journal and the Einstein Circle on Fashioning Education.