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Fine Arts
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Lehárgasse 8
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1. OG
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1060 Wien
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Atelier Süd

Conference on Art and Culture from the Ex-YU Artists, Curators and Cultural Workers in Austria.

KONFERENCIJA is the first gathering of women* artists, curators, and cultural workers from the ex-Yu countries living and working in Austria, to examine, negotiate and discuss their art and activist practice from a socio-political perspective. The two-day event includes an exhibition, performance, book presentation, lecture, and workshop in a public space.

KONFERENCIJA is the cooperation of Mirjana Mustra with the Post Conceptual Art Practices Studio/IBK. The project is  part of the network D/Arts project office for diversity and urban dialogue.


Tuesday, 26. April, 2022

18 h KONFERENCIJA opening
EXHIBITION with Marija Šabanović, Milena Gajić, Negra Bernhard, Neda Nikolić, Aida Jakubović, Isidora Krstić, Anđa Živadinović, Bojana Novicic, Maša Đuričić, Đenana Hadžić, and Mirjana Mustra

19 h A Talk in between Jasmina Tumbas and Marina Gržinić on feminist performance politics in former-Yugoslavia.
Jasmina Tumbas is Assistant Professor, University at Buffalo/NY, USA. Tumbas is the author of “I am Jugoslovenka!” Feminist Performance Politics During and After Yugoslav Socialism, Manchester University Press, 2022.

20 h Music Performance
Sevdah of Lost Identity by Sanja Lasić

22 h End

Wednesday, 27.April, 2022

09:30 h Start of Day Two: Meet and Greet

10 h Lecture and Discussion
Jelena Jokić-Bornstein
YU.Go Girl: Transnational art and its role in the (re)construction of memory and identity in post-conflict societies. The case of the Bosnian female artists in Vienna.

11:30 h Performance Lecture
Nataša Mackuljak
On Historical Continuities between Radical Leftist Women’s Actions and Feminist Performance Art in Former Yugoslavia

12:30 h Lunch pause

14 h Workshop
Do you hear me?  by Smirna Kulenović

17:30 h End

The exhibition will be open until 8. May 2022. To arrange your visit, please write to

IMPORTANT: To consider valid COVID-19 protective measures is mandatory. The measures are displayed on the academy’s online portal.

Please register until 24. 04.2022 at: