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Photography at Brillantengrund

Organisational Units
Fine Arts
Location Description
Hotel am Brillantengrund, Bandgasse 4, 1070 Vienna

An exhibition by the studio of Art and Photography.

A chain letter brought together 10 students of the studio for Art and Photography. Each person invited the next until a group of 10 was formed. This process deals with social connections, but also evolves into more abstract relations between the positions. Therefore, the organisation of the group aims to collect the inherent potential of a group show.

In each of the works, photography can be seen as a place of departure to venture into individual observations and obsessions. Influenced by miscellaneous, external circumstances, the work process takes twists and turns and might even leave the concept of photography after all.

Building on this, the show creates a sense of coherence that encompasses independent works of like-minded people. The relationship of these artworks and the shared aesthetic experiences build the inner structure of this group show.


Alessandro Albrecht

Christian Azzouni

Amy-Casilda Bartoli

Benedikt Büllingen

Michael Dietrich

Felizitas Jäkel

Kathrin Hanga

Sarah David Stachl

Stephan Wiesinger

Lily Zlotover m