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Virtual exhibition

A virtual exhibition of the studio for Figurative Painting

Our annual Rundgang 2021 is the answer to the abrupt way in which, in a state of emergency, we were thrown back to our selfreliance. The studios we all share, beloved spaces of stimulation, exchange and critical confrontation had to give way to individual retreat. The shared experience of lively activity became a struggle against loneliness and isolation. In this exhibition we meet again. We painters invite you to look for the vulnerabilities and weaknesses in the slick armour of walls of pixels and recognise the human imprint of the immediacy of painting within it. We are driven by the energy of our survival instinct. We are the Gegenständliche Malerei / Figurative Painting, an international group of advanced and beginning painters; sensual, strong, individualistic, lively, murky, colorful, poetic, vulnerable, relevant, timeless, human.

Long live painting


Lisa Obereder | Pourea Alimirzaee | Maximilian Mucha | Olesia Bieliavtseva | Gregor Hagenauer | Florine Imo | Réka Horváth | Arang Choi | Alberto Cappai | Laura Winter | Klara Mielniczuk | Jessica Kim | Bahareh Rahimi | Aurora Popescu | Nazanin Jahangir | Clemens Grömmer | Erik Rotermund | Johannes Pobitzer | Daniela Frimpong-Mansoh | Melanie Thöni | Lucijan Osvald | Bergur Gunnarsson | Sarah Marie von Bernstorff | Sacha Grandemange | Jakob Brandstätter | Yuma Radnaeva | Will Lowther | Josephine Menzel

Clicking on the image will take you to the virtual exhibition. To navigate through the programme, use the A, W, S, D keys and the mouse.