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Event Label
Organisational Units
Fine Arts
Location Description
Wien Mitte The Mall
1. Ebene
Landstraßer Hauptstraße 1b
1030 Vienna

Installation by hezelschaaf (Collaboration of Cecilia Schaaf and Simon Hezel) on the KUNSTWAND in Wien Mitte The Mall. Winning project of a tender by Wien Mitte in cooperation with Univ.-Prof. Daniel Richter and the Studio for Expanded Pictorial Space of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.


zu gut
zu viel
zu eng
zu sehr
zu früh
zu weit
zu tief
zu wenig
zu alt
zu nah
zu spät

The legible combinations refer to the idiomatic expression too much, too soon - ZU VIEL, ZU FRÜH, which is also a reminiscence of both artists youth. ZU WENIG, ZU SPÄT - too little, too late, refers to an absence, something that is not redeemable, that is not at our disposal anymore. A biographical blank.
,,zu” (Adverb) + Eigenschaftswort + X ©hezelschaaf 2022

"Too as an adverb denotes a level that is too high or too low and no longer seems appropriate or acceptable."(Duden)

The words on the wall installation titled 2MUCH2SOON are not all equally legible to the viewer. Many of the word combinations are ciphered and cannot be recognized as such. Only four of the adjectives after a "TOO" remain legible, namely:

The other, indecipherable passages can be completed by the viewers themselves or are completed automatically by the constitution of the human perception apparatus. Likewise, the not coded combinations with conceptions of the recipients are supplemented by following words (too much (...), too little (...)).

At the same time, the content is transformed by the graphic representation and becomes a game with signs and forms that can also elude such interpretations, or rather consciously wants to elude them. To become an experience of abstraction, space, and surface.

hezelschaaf want to meet the visitors of the mall at the same time directly and immediately with the typography and the graphic design, but also, through the enigmatic, ciphered access to the content of the work, to encourage them to pause, both physically and mentally.

hezelschaaf (AT/DE)
is an artistic collaboration between Cecilia Schaaf from Frankfurt and Simon Hezel from Vienna, who is currently studying under Daniel Richter in the class for expanded pictorial space at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.
Cecilia Schaaf works primarily in the fields of installation and sculpture as well as with found objects, collages and textiles. Simon Hezel works in the media of painting and drawing. Both artists met during their fine arts studies in the Netherlands. The idea of cooperation arose out of the necessity to establish an artistic connection between Frankfurt and Vienna through joint projects. Up until now, it has manifested itself through graphic works in public space.

The KUNSTWAND in the food court of Wien Mitte The Mall was installed in 2015 to give art students the opportunity to present their work to a broad audience (daily average of 45,000 people) and to gain experience in public space.

This project was initiated by WHAT ABOUT THE FUTURE under the lead of Sonja Weinstabel and implemented in collaboration with Nazim Ünal Yildrim. A call for proposals was issued to the studio for Expanded Pictorial Space by Univ.-Prof. Daniel Richter to provide proposals for the design of the KUNSTWAND. Among eleven submissions the winning project 2MUCH2SOON by hezelschaaf was chosen and realized on the KUNSTWAND.

Client: Mag. Elisabeth Fixl, Marketing Wien Mitte The Mall
Initiator, Project Management: Sonja Weinstabel, WHAT ABOUT THE FUTURE
Academy: Nazim Ünal Yilmaz, Studio Expanded Pictorial Space, Prof. Daniel Richter