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Contain a Converse

Event Label
Performaces, concerts, installations and sculpural works
Organisational Units
Fine Arts
Location Description
Art container at the Christmas market Karlsplatz

Temporary art project by students of the Studio Expanded Pictorial Space-Action/Sculpture/Installation

The changing performances, concerts, installations and sculptural works put the glass container of the Divina Art Collective in constant transformation and want to invite the visitors through aesthetic, acoustic and partly interactive experiences to enter into a mutual dialogue. The focus is on the conversion itself, to allow exchange, to gain new perspectives and to move beyond the known and familiar.

The stage becomes a tribune, the exhibition space a studio, a salesroom a daydream. 10 times the container will transform its appearance to give space to the many different forms of expression and visual strategies of interacting.

We want to enable constructive encounters beyond transparent barriers, search for supposed controversies, create an aesthetic dialogue and initiate a playful interaction. Unusual Insights are intended to open up new perspectives for Christmas market visitors and allow the spectrum of artistic approaches and aesthetic gestures to unfold further.

Teachers: Judith Huemer, Tobias Pilz

Concept and organization: Evi Jägle und Daphne von Schrader

Artists: Julian Mack, Claude Persichetti, Jan-David Grommas, Luis Penn, Benjamin Ben Amotz, Alexander Nefedyev-Skuridin, Daphne von Schrader, Oneka von Schrader, Miao Fangping, Dahye Hyun, Gwiyeon Han, Theo Bartenberger, Hanne Jannasch, Evi Jägle, Andreas Sahl Andersen, Helene Payrhuber, Inessa Saarits



Julian Mack
Performance: 18. & 19.11, 15-20 h
Installation view: 20.11.
Gipskartonplatten, Gips, Schrauben, Kanthölzer, Kniepolster


Andreas Sahl Andersen
Installation with power meter, camera and television connected in feedback loop

26.-27.11.2022,12-20 h

And that is okay
Performance Inessa Saarits with Luis Penn, Benjamin Ben Amotz
There is no result, no material outcome. The performance is an endless process in a world of achievement. It is a place to:
take in the process of just being
take in that everything is always ongoing and changing
take in that nothing is ever finished
And that is okay.


Tisch mit Kartoffeln II
Hanne Jannasch
Potatoes, Furniture


The joy of being with the people you love
Benjamin Ben Amotz

2.12.2022, 18 h

A reminder: your package is arriving today
Miao Fangping

3.12.2022, 18 h

Attention at the cost of focus
Benjamin Ben Amotz


Market cabinet
Jan-David Grommas, Claude Persichetti
“If you’re not paying for it, you are not the customer, you are the product being sold”. Get into the snow globe, sit down, and wonder if the fish, swimming in their tank, are under the impression of being audience members of the environment that surrounds them.

10.12.2022,18 h

Background Noise
Daphne & Oneka von Schrader
In electronic sound synthesis, white noise is the simultaneous overlapping of all frequencies, the multiplicity and sum of all sounds that carries every piece of information without transmitting even one.


Background Noise
Daphne von Schrader


Group exhibition
Gwiyeon Han
clay, fishing line, length - 10m

Homo sapiens hourglass
Alexander Nefedyev-Skuridin
Scorched earth sculpture, skull sculpture, moon sculpture Sandstones, fire.


Wen krippt das Spiel
Evi Jägle
Installative Performance
Wie abstrakt können eigentlich Krippen sein, sodass sie noch als solche erkennbar sind. Die Frage nach Repräsentation eines alten Motivs und seine Umwandlung in einen anderen Kontext, in viele Hintergründe, in eine Szenerie hinein ist auch eine Frage nach Ausschließung. Was kann schon nicht mehr Teil sein, weil es einem Konzept nicht entspricht.


Searching for a perfect tree
Helene Payrhuber
Analogue photographs


Group Exhibiton
±H¤s (xunshan)
Miao Fangping
It appears, it disappears,
It is seemingly far away, and yet right at sight,
It is engraved in the memory, as well as in the future. 

Filmstrips 120
Theo Bartenberger

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