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In Translation — The Contexts of Nature

Event Label
Organisational Units
Fine Arts
Location Description
Ll-Room 102 Park View Gallery
Sea World Culture & Arts center, 1187
Wangh.ii Rd.
Nanshan Dist.,
Shenzhen, China

An exhibition of the  studio forArt and Photography. Organized by Michael Höpfner, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, and Chen Ping, Cultural Counselor of Chinese Embassy in Austria.

Co-organized by Shangqi Art and Photographers Association of Nanshan District, Shenzhen, In Translation — The Contexts of Nature takes the form of a parallel project of the 6th Shenzhen International Photography Exhibition.

The main theme “in translation” refers to both the various photographic practices as the translation of nature and the project as a derivation of The Use of Landscape, a collaboration started as a workshop with Michael Höpfner and Iosif Király in 2020.

Featuring artists from Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Bucharest National University of Arts and multiple regions within China, the exhibition invites the public to encounter the nature in a dialogic context.


Amy-Casilda Bartoli, Dominik Buda, Chen Dandizi, Chen Xiaoyi, Cheng Xinhao, Chyanga, Flora Franke, He Lin, Hu Jieming, Jiang Pengyi, Elena Kristofor, Li Ji, Li Wei-Chen, Liang Yue, Liu Yujia, Denise Lobonț, Ma Haijiao, Ouyang Heli, Diana Păun, Qin Jin, Nora Severios, Shen Jingfeng, Shu Chutian, Shi Wenbin, Tang Han, Tong Wenmin, Wang Kejing, Wang Yezi, Xuxu, Yang Yang, Yao Qingmei, Zhang Peng