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Event Label
Organisational Units
Fine Arts
Location Description
KS Room: Dörfl 1
8333 Kornberg
(reachable by train and bike via Feldbach an der Raab)

An Exhibition of the studio for Sculpture and Installation.

The title Side-Shadowing is a term that Gary Saul Morson and Michael André Bernstein coined together in a philosophical context. It describes the sideways-cast shadow of an alternate present, in contrast to "foreshadowing" or "back-shadowing," which depict the effects of time in a linear fashion and as a direct, inevitable consequence. Time itself, as they write, is not only a sequence of current points in time, but also of fields of possibility.

In this sense, the title refers first to a possible second form of the students' final work, in which elements of their work that are not visible in the diploma exhibition but are of central importance could be shown in this exhibition, or another possible outcome of the same process that could be imagined. However, the title can also be understood as a purely sculptural reference, because where there is a shadow, there is usually also an object, a living being, or some kind of denser material in the space between the light source and the surrounding surfaces. As Louis Zukofski wrote in a poem: “see sun, and think shadow”.

Participants: Simone Bader, Vik Bayer, Emma Hummerhielm Carlén, Nana Dahlin, Florian Hofer, Julia Karpov, Roland Kollnitz, Jusun Lee, raúl itamar lima, Taro Meissner, Fritjof Krabbe Nørretranders, Michael Reindel, Jakob Rockenschaub, Nora Schultz, Heimo Zobernig