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The House of Plausible, Probable, Possible and Preferable Futures

Event Label
Organisational Units
Fine Arts
Location Description
Kunsthalle Bratislava
SNP Square 12

Students from the studio Art and Time | Photography have been invited to showcase and present their work for the 14th OFF Bratislava, festival of photography. The students each deal freely with the topic of this years photography festival with their own personal perspective and take on the matter.

The fourteenth year, under the title The House of Plausible, Probable, Possible and Preferable Futures, is about a vision of the third millennium. Art always had the power to foretell the future. Through creative and artistic thinking visionaries always contributed to scientific predictions. Thanks to technological developments art has the possibility to progress, advance, and evolve within new mediums and platforms. New formats of expression are allowing humans to manifest themselves in a way that reflects the technological advancements of the era. The vision of the future world is open, multifaceted, and contradictory and brings countless possibilities for interpretation in artistic storytelling.


Alessandro Albrecht
Dominik Buda
Felizitas Jäkel
Helena McFadzean
Katarina Michelitsch
Marcel Korec
Nina Rechberg
Paul Kozma
Stephan Wiesinger

Organized by Saskia Te Nicklin