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Making Expansive

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Organisational Units
Fine Arts
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Austrian Cultural Forum London
28 Rutland Gate

In cooperation with

The exhibition Making Expansive, curated by Catherine Li, is part of the Curator-in-Residence program of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna in cooperation with the Austrian Cultural Forum London and Central Saint Martins - University of Arts London.

Making Expansive invites ten artists from Austria and the UK to explore how today’s art making becomes an expanding process through repetition, remaking, rematerialisation, and recycling. The exhibition opens conversations among artists who use recurring materials, repeated actions, and long-term obsessions to reassert their artistic authority, reshape historical references, highlight overlooked aspects, and intervene in public space. And by doing so, how a single type of material can exhibit a range of qualities, from personal and intimate to collaborative and community-oriented. By questioning how we collaboratively exist within our material world and how our interactions reinforce this reality, we could reclaim our creativity and humanity in today’s hyper-connected society.

The exhibition Making Expansive is part of our Curatorial Residency Programme in partnership with the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and Central Saint Martins London. Graduates from the Culture, Criticism and Curation Master travel to Vienna and select graduates from the Academy to present alongside UK artists at an exhibition in London. This project was initiated in 2015 and brought dozens of UK and Austrian based artists together with UK curators.

Making Expansive will be accompanied by a participatory project Artist Lunch Box, initiated and curated by Catherine Li, presenting 25 “lunch boxes” collaboratively made by 25 artists from the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and 25 artists from London.

Curated by: Catherine Li

With works by Academy students:

  • Theodor Maier (Kunst und Raum | Installation)
  • Anna Theresa Pöll (Kunst und Raum | Installation)
  • June Hwajung Kim (Kunst und Bild | Expansion)
  • Janne Schipper (Kunst und Raum | Objekt)
  • Red Huemer (Kunst und Raum | Objekt)

as well as London-based artists Andrew Bick, Jyll Bradley, Poojan Gupta, Ilê Sartuzi and Ana Teles.