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Organisational Units
Fine Arts
Location Description
Prater, Aspernallee near Lusthaus

DARKNESS is an event organized by the Department of Contextual Painting. It will take place in the woods of the Vienna Prater. Bring your flashlights!

Darkness is often made into an abstract surface onto which social unease is projected. It gathers the strange, the perverse, the excluded and marginalized. This surface of discomfort literally takes shape in the horror film. That which is not visible, that which is made invisible, digs itself out of the picture plane and takes the form of ghosts, of monsters, the undead and aliens.

Also in other areas of life and society, darkness is associated with that which is not visible and concealed. Be it depression, melancholy, anxiety, or feelings of insecurity and trepidation. While darkness is used on the one hand as a mechanism for exclusion and demarcation, it can also offer protection, be re-evaluated as a positive instance, be appropriated as a superpower. What lurks there, forgotten in the darkness, can rise up and strike back, leap out of the dark corners, break through the surface, engulf the normative system, take over the world. So the fear is justified, but who should be afraid?

DARKNESS will happen in the woods of Wiener Prater at night time, organized by the studio of Contextual Painting from Ashley Hans Scheirl. Phone- or flashlights are required.

Notes on the accessibility of the location: Uneven soil, branches and leaves will be removed.

With: Ju Aichinger, Gloria Bergner, Carli Fridolin Biller, Wilhelm Binder, Lisa Braid, Alexandru Cosarca, Roy F Culbertson, Matthias Julian, mirabella paidamwoyo dziruni feat. (i) MSTEAZAH, Marianne Eberl, Albana Ejupi, Samira Engel, Mathea Hoffmann, Minhee, Flavia Mudesto, Sattva Giacosa, Adel Hashemi, Sarah Tasha Hauber, Aklima Iqbal, Marie Luise Lehner, Sanna Lu Una, Sophia Roxane Rohwetter, Aaron & Nora Scherer, Em Schwarzwald, Daniela Sea, Rini Swarnaly Mitra, Hasti Tabatabai, Claudia Tomassetti, Ymo 09, Ali Zare