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Crash 'n Learn 21

Organisational Units
Fine Arts
Location Description
Breitenseer Lichtspiele, Breitenseer Str. 21, 1140 Vienna

The studio for Art and Film invites you to a cinema screening in the freshly renovated Breitenseer Lichtspiele. The slogan Crash ´n Learn assembles works of documentary, fictional or essayistic nature. The program is complemented by short 16mm-miniatures.

Program :

PREFILM: 6er by Lukas Ellmer. DCP (from 16mm), sw, 4 min
Helgas Freiheit und die Waschmaschine
by Anna Hirschmann. AUT 2021, DCP, Colour, 38 min
BETWEEN: Am Walde by Gabriel Monthaler. DCP (from 16mm), sw, 4 min
Jeder Mensch für sich
by Tobias Langer. AUT 2021, DCP, Colour, 14 min
BETWEEN: Platzwart by Samira Fux. DCP (from 16mm), sw, 3 min
Die schönste Zeit
by Daniel Fill and Maria Lisa Pichler. AUT 2021, DCP, Colour, 26 min

(10 min Break)

PREFILM: Erdberg by Francesco Tacoli. DCP (from 16mm), sw, 4 min
The Flash
by Taeyoung Kim. KOR/AUT 2021, DCP, sw, 20 min
BETWEEN: AMER by Carina Plachy. DCP (from 16mm), sw, 3 min
Woanders ist auch hier
by Benedikt Werth. AUT 2020, DCP, Colour, 57min
BETWEEN: Morgenstund´ by Luise Müller. DCP (from 16mm), sw, 4 min
Stop staring at the shadows
by Film Combat Crew. AUT 2021, DCP, Colour, 8 mi

About the works :

Execution: Lukas Ellmer Assistance: Gabriel Monthaler . DCP (of 16mm), b/w, 4 min. silent
Tram line 6 passes through Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus, Meidling, Favoriten and Simmering. Getting on, getting off, standing in line and waiting at the station. Doors open and close.

Helga’s Freedom and the Washing Machine
Idea, Directing, Editing: Anna Hirschmann Cinematography: Kaspar Panizza Production Sound: Leo Tax Graphics: Carmiña Tarilonte Rodríguez Sound Mixing: Gustavo Petek Color Grading: Simon Graf Funding: BKA, MA 7, Academy of Fine Arts . AUT 2021, DCP, color, 38 min. German OV with english subtitles

Helga´s Freedom And The Washing Machine is a portrait and the document of a brief encounter. The protagonist works on a photobook about her family. I observe her new everyday-life after retirement. Coffee, cigarettes, balance training and drawing are important. Helga Chinagi gives thought to her descent and what is meant to be normal.

Execution: Gabriel Monthaler Assistance: Lukas Ellmer . DCP (of 16mm), b/w, 4 min. silent
A hunter follows traces. Am Walde follows a hunter at work – and glances not only over his shoulder.

Jeder Mensch für sich
Directing, Screenplay, Editing: Tobias Langer Cinematography, Color Grading: Benedikt Werth Sound Design: Karina Magomedova Production Sound: Johannes Lehnen Performers: Leopold Haas , Theresa Greil . AUT 2021, DCP, color, 14 min. w/o dialogue

I had this image in my mind of a young man wearing a yellow jacket in a specific landscape. I borrowed the yellow jacket from a harvest hand who was my colleague at the asparagus harvest in the first lockdown. I wanted to execute a simple idea – and not to water it down by further reflection. I wanted to follow my initial impulse and see where it leads us. I brought Benedikt, Johannes and Fintan on board – and I think, during the second lockdown we were all thankful for this concrete mission we imposed on ourselves: The protagonist Thomas is roaming through his landscape and comes across a strange body lying on the ground.

IN BETWEEN: Platzwart
Execution: Samira Fux Assistance: Gloria Hinterleitner . DCP (of 16mm), b/w, 3 min. silent
A day at the ice rink, daily routine of a groundskeeper. An examination of different aggregation states of water and their reaction on light.

The Best Days
Directing, Screenplay, Cinematography: Daniel Fill Editing, Production Sound, Producing: Maria Lisa Pichler Second Camera: Lukas Schöffel Sound Design: Ulrich Dallinger Sound Mixing: Tone Demand e.U. Music: Sarah Maria Dragović Translation: Christiane Pichler Funding: MA 7 . AUT 2021, DCP, color, 26 min. German OV with english subtitles

Girardigasse 9, 1060 Vienna. Cafè Girardi used to be a very busy place. However, the passing of time has left ist mark and, nowadays, the countless guests from back then are nowhere to be seen. The Best Days accompanies the pair of friends Franz, the owner of the cafè, and Hans, the waiter, through the cold Viennese Winter around New Year 2020. A pair with many differences. The businessman Franz who earns money planning windparks and has big dreams of making millions, and Hans, a retired watchmaker, who has been raising his now 14 year old son on his own since the death of his wife. Opposites attract. Suffering can be shared. The cafè is a hobby and a way of coping with the monotony of everyday life. A glimmer of hope.

OPENING: Erdberg
Execution: Francesco Tacoli Assistance: Kier Trockner . DCP (of 16mm), b/w, 4 min. silent
At Busterminal Erdberg people say goodbye to each other.

The Flash
Directing, Screenplay, Editing: Taeyoung Kim Cinematography: Taeyoung Kim, Seung Hun Lee Lighting: Sang In Lee Assistant Director, Production Sound: Seo Yun Jang Performers: Bokyung Park, Jihyeong Kim, Mindong Kim, Jia Yoon, Taeyong Yoon, Charlie Park . KOR/AUT 2021, DCP, b/w, 20 min. Korean OV with english subtitles

After her boyfriend broke up with her, Bokyung refuses to let go. Restlessly she wanders around. Her photographs are the painful testimony of bygone times. In an encounter she loses the only photograph that shows the ex-lovers united. In poetic compression and melancholic atmosphere The Flash tells about a great loss.

Execution: Carina Plachy Assistance: Valentina Hirsch . DCP (of 16mm), b/w, 3 min. silent
Amer, a rebel, a playboy – and still a 15 year old teenager who catches up on his school graduation at the Produktionsschule Wedding in Berlin.

Somewhere else is also here
Directing, Cinematography, Editing: Benedikt Werth Production Sound: Frederik Werth Sound Design: Vlad Baran Translation: Sara Halvova, Sascha Cortés . AUT 2020, DCP, color, 57min. German OV with english subtitles

How does one approach something if one dones't know who or what it is? How does one shoot a film, if one dones't know who's in it? This is a film about hope and disappointment. About trying and failing. About places and people. People that I never met. An essayistic try to pin down own failure where it occurs: at the border.

IN BETWEEN: Morgenstund'
Execution: Luise Müller Assistance: Maria Lisa Pichler . DCP (of 16mm), b/w, 4 min. silent
Pedestrians stream past the newspaperman and rarely someone catches a fleeting glimpse of the displayed products, breaks someone away from the stream of pedestrians - to buy something.

Stop staring at the shadows

Film Combat Crew . / Directing, Editing, Sound Design: Dominik Szereday Assistant Director, Editing: Johannes Lehnen Cinematography: Benedikt Werth , Taeyoung Kim Production Sound: Gabriel Monthaler Sound Post Production: Frederic Stritter Text: Rebecca Fuxen Translation: Soliman Lawrence . / AUT 2021, DCP, color, 8 min. German OV with english subtitles

Today, the shiny facade of the Theseus Temple beams of whitewash. This place appears vanquished: fifty years ago, it was brown, dirty, and run-down, serving as a temple of junkies in Vienna's Volksgarten – and its yuppiefication shows no sign of abating. In Stop staring at the shadows, the temple is the protagonist that brings forth a historical dialogue: between the junkies of 68, for whom drugs served as an antithesis to cold, capitalist rationality in their struggle against the establishment, and trap, which is both music and a bipolar relation to the reality of life today. By now, trap is popular in the mainstream, but its meaning cannot be separated from the precarious living conditions in which the music was originally produced. At the same time, it is primarily about the excess of money, sex, and drugs.