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Artist Talk with Joshua Schwebel

Event Label
Artist Talk
Organisational Units
Fine Arts
Location Description
Online via Zoom

Organised by the Gender x Space Class

Joshua Schwebel has become known for practicing a particularly direct form of site-specific institutional critique, examining the intersections of neoliberalism and contemporary art. His work is focused on the precarious labour structures of cultural workers, and the ways that arts organizations mirror and uphold exploitative capitalist structures. Selected solo exhibitions include Centre Clark (Montreal, 2021), Or Gallery (Vancouver, 2019), Kreuzberg Pavillon (Berlin, 2019), the Fonderie Darling (Montreal, 2018), and Centrum (Berlin, 2017). Schwebel was shortlisted for the Berlin Art Prize in 2019 and was a participant in BPA // Berlin Program for Artists in 2020-21. He is currently long-listed for the 2022 Sobey Art Award.