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Talk with Anna Sorokovaya

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Organisational Units
Fine Arts
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Studio Building, Lehargasse 8, 1060 Vienna, 2nd floor, Studio south

Organized by Studio for Post-conceptual Art (PCAP)/IBK/Prof. Grzinic and Margarethe Makovec, ROTOR, Graz.

Anna Sorokovaya, Ukrainian artist, photographer, curator talks about her utopian practices with Soshenko 33 and her personal practice.

Anna Sorokovaya is based from April 2022, in Forum Stadtpark Graz, connected with Office Ukraine. Shelter for Ukrainian artists.

Anna Sorokovaya uses an interdisciplinary approach in her practice, combining different positions – artist, curator, researcher, activist. She focuses on such issues as forced landscape changes, the impact of political and economic factors on the urban and natural environment, collectivity as a phenomenon and its meaning in the context of the atomization of society, "private and public," non-hierarchical forms of interaction based on cooperation and care. In recent years, together with Taras Kovach, she has been involved in the creation of an alternative educational and artistic space –  Soshenko 33 – based on the building of the postgraduate education workshops of the National Academy of Fine Arts in Kyiv. An important principle of this place is the creation of an autonomous zone within a conservative academic system, as well as a space for critical reflection and communication. Recently, she worked on a project that addressed the preservation of the natural space and former garden surrounding the art center. This involved collaboration with architects, residents, and municipal authorities, as well as artistic and critical reflection on issues of ecology, sustainable development, and the coexistence of humans and non-humans.

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