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Lecture by Marina Grzinic and Taida Kusturica

Event Label
Lecture and Workshop
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Fine Arts, Art and Architecture
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Lehárgasse 8
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1. OG
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1060 Wien
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Atelier Süd

Lecture on Dani Gal by Marina Grzinic and Mag. Taida Kusturica (Doctoral candidate in philosophy at the Academy). Introduction. Open lecture for the students.

11.05.2022, Wednesday, IKA Räumen at Schillerplatz, K5 / K7, 13.00 – 17.00
12.05. 2022, Thursday, M13, Schillerplatz: 9:30 –13.00
13.05.2022, Friday, M13, Schillerplatz: 9:30 – 14.00

Workshop by Dani Gal (for registered participants only):

Dialogical Notions of History

Central to current debates about Holocaust remembrance and its entanglement with Europe’s accountability to its former colonies are new critical methodologies that examine cultural and national memory. These approaches, that propose dialogical versus fixed notions of history, are the focus of this workshop.

Through questions and concepts such as empathic unsettlement, witness testimony, multidirectional memory, the possibility of forgiveness and the politics of silence the workshop initiates discussions surrounding ethical, moral, and aesthetic dilemmas contested through critical, historical and literary texts, Gal’s own extensive research practice, and various films.

Drawing from Primo Levi’s concept of Gray-Zone and Franz Fanon’s notion of Vertigo, the workshop challenges dichotomies between victims and perpetrators, and examines how binary notions of historical good and evil are destabilized in order to question cultural preconceptions and society's need to judge.

Accompanied texts by: Giorgio Agamben, Noit Banai, Peter Banki, Bashir Bashir, Rustom Bharucha, Kathy Caruth, Franz Fanon, Shoshana Felmann, Amos Goldberg, Margarida Hourmat, Amal Jamal, Elias Khoury, Dori Laub, Dominick LaCapra, Primo Levi, Mahmood Mahmdahni, Michael Rothberg, Efrat Ben Tzur, Beni Wictberg, Avot Yeshurun. As well as clips from films by Lilliana Cavanni, Samuel Fuller, Claude Lanzmann, Gillo Pontecorvo, Henri Verneuil, and others.