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19. Best Austrian Animation Festival

Event Label
Film Festival
Organisational Units
Fine Arts
Location Description
Various locations


Margaretenstraße 78, 1050 Vienna

Filmhaus Spittelberg
Spittelberggasse 3, 1070 Vienna

Zentagasse 38, 1050 Vienna

Studio Building of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
Lehargasse 8, 1060 Vienna

A project by ASIFA Austria in cooperation with Filmcasino, Sehsaal, the workshop for Artistic Animated Film at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and

The BEST AUSTRIAN ANIMATION competition, launched in 2011, provides an annual overview of Austrian productions in the field of animation. The aim of the festival is to present animation in its entirety: in the spectrum from art to commerce, from experiment to narration, from abstraction to representation, and all that in all conceivable and newly developed analog, digital and hybrid techniques.

The Best Austrian Animated Film competition, consisting of almost 100 short films, is once again the “heart” of the successful animated film festival this year. Current animated films by students and established artists as well as music videos and commissioned works will be presented. 
An important addition is the practical symposium, which is dedicated to the exchange of experiences between students and professionals from the film industry and where there is the opportunity to discuss funding perspectives for animated films with representatives from BMKOES (Art Ministery / Film Dept.) and ÖFI (Austrian Film Institute).

Best Austrian Animation - competition

From 215 works with a total length of around 18 hours 95 films were selected and will be shown in six competition programs. The 27 films selected for the student work category will be shown in two separate programs at the festival. Student program 1, named “Light and Dark Sides”, presents predominantly narrative films with a wide variety of focuses, ranging from humor to catastrophe, from personal experiences to observations of the world. Student program 2, entitled “Trans Art Body Worlds” contains the more experimental works, most of which explore new possibilities of digital techniques and create various fantastic worlds and characters.

Wednesday, November 29th, 17–21 h
Competition 1-3

Thursday, November 30th, 17–21 h
Competition 4-6

Friday, December 1st, 19–21:30 h
“Mehrzwecksaal”, studio house of the Academy of Fine Arts, Lehargasse 6-8

19 h
Performance: touching screens more than skin
By Hannah Wimmer & Maximilian Prague. (Entry: 6 p.m.)

19:20 h
Awards ceremony & closing party

21:30 h
Film program of the winners

Films by students at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

Thursday, November 30th, 17 h, FILMCASINO
Competition 4: Students 2 - Trans Art Body Worlds
Buyu Xu
02:46, 2023
Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

Sigmund Hutter
03:03, 2021
Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

Evi Jägle, Christoph Müller, Jan Barner
bureaufication. The cinematographer
11:05, 2023
Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

List of entries

  • Best Austrian Animation Festival: Practical symposium

    The symposium will be in German language.

    A project by ASIFA Austria in cooperation with Filmcasino, Sehsaal, the workshop for Artistic Animated Film at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and


    Studio Building/ 2. floor, Multi-Purpose Space

    Fine Arts

    pink animated clouds