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VERA: Film and talk about "Female ideals of beauty"

Event Label
Film & Talk
Organisational Units
Fine Arts
Location Description
Stadtkino im Künstlerhaus
Akademiestraße 13
1010 Wien

Based on the film VERA, a talk with director Tizza Covi, professor of art and film at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Jaqueline Scheiber (author, also known as minusgold) and Elisabeth Lechner (author of the book "Riot, don't diet") about society's treatment of female beauty ideals and the resulting pressure to always be young, beautiful and perfect will take place at Stadkino.

About the film VERA: The actress Vera Gemma lives in the shadow of her famous deceased father. Tired of countless plastic surgeries and superficial relationships, she drifts through Roman high society. When she injures a child in a traffic accident, she develops what she sees as an intense relationship with the nine-year-old boy and his father.