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Communities’ Talks in Vienna, Reflections, Exchange

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Organisational Units
Fine Arts
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Schillerplatz 3
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1010 Vienna
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Organized in the frame of the Erasmus + project and the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. An event in the scope of Conviviality as Potentiality: From Amnesia to Pandemic towards Convivial Epistemologies (FWF AR 679, 2021–2025).

An exchange session with Dr. Thabang Monoa and members from art, activism, and cultural communities in Austria exploring the complexities of art, futurity, communities, and narratives in an open dialogue. How does art shape our vision of the future? What role do communities play in shaping narratives This is an invitation to engage in critical discourse, broaden our perspectives, and create connections within different voices of communities.

Moderation: Asma Aiad, MA

Thanks to: Mag. Angelina Kratschanova, BA, EMBA, Head of International Office, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Dr. Thabang Monoa, Elisabeth Bakambamba Tambwe, Amena Shakir, Sigmund Freud Private University Vienna, director of the Research Centre IFIME, Dr. Amani Abuzahra, Sigmund Freud Private University Vienna, Research Centre IFIME, Depot – Kunst und Diskussion, Vienna.