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Dialogical Speech Acts across the Atlantic: Freedom as Eternal Recurrence

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Fine Arts
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Schillerplatz 3
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1010 Vienna
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Lecture by Dr. Thabang Monoa organized in the frame of the Erasmus + project and the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. An event in the scope of Conviviality as Potentiality: From Amnesia to Pandemic towards Convivial Epistemologies (FWF AR 679, 2021–2025).

How do we locate the co-ordinates of freedom? If the future is the psychic site that enables us to affirm our existence, then disrupting the tyranny of linear time becomes essential for our “becoming-free.” Through a temporal lens, this presentation looks at transatlantic continuities in jazz music between South Africa and the United States of America and looks at forms of collective freedom-imagining.

Presentation and moderation: Prof. Dr. Marina Gržinić

Thanks to: Mag. Angelina Kratschanova, BA, EMBA, Head of International Office, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Dr. Thabang Monoa, Elisabeth Bakambamba Tambwe, Amena Shakir, Sigmund Freud Private University Vienna, director of the Research Centre IFIME, Dr. Amani Abuzahra, Sigmund Freud Private University Vienna, Research Centre IFIME, Depot – Kunst und Diskussion, Vienna.