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Embracing the Internal South: Empowerment in Marginalised Communities, Salam Oida and ZARA

Event Label
Organisational Units
Fine Arts, Education in the Arts
Location Description
Lehargasse 8
1060 Vienna
1.floor, Atelier south (M1)

Part of the lecture series Conviviality & Criticality through Contemporary Art and Fashion. Learning from the South, organized by the Institute for Education in the Arts, Prof. Gaugele and the Institute for Fine Arts, Studio Art and Intervention | Concept, Prof. Grzinic. 

Talk by 
Salam Oida Collective: Ines Mahmoud & Imen Bousnina,
ZARA –  Zivilcourage & Anti-Rassismus-Arbeit: Amina El-Gamal,

A presentation focusing on the work of the Salam Oida Collective and ZARA Zivilcourage & Anti-Rassismus-Arbeit. This lecture will delve into the concept of an internal South within a nation-state context, examining the dynamics of privilege and marginalisation among citizens, particularly the Muslim and racialized communities in Austria.

Through the lens of Salam Oida's work, we will explore how art and cultural projects can be powerful tools for empowerment within marginalised communities. The presentation will highlight Salam Oida's efforts in fostering community-building and addressing social challenges through creative expression and solidarity.

Additionally, we will delve into the crucial insights provided by ZARA's annual racism report, which sheds light on the realities of racism and discrimination in Austria. This report not only exposes systemic issues but also serves as a call to action for combating prejudice and promoting anti-racism efforts.

This lecture talk will be moderated by Anahita Neghabat (Research Team member, Conviviality as Potentiality FWF AR 679) and will feature a discussion session.