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xposit / Two Sixteen. The Alumni Exhibition Series Of The Academy Of Fine Arts Vienna

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Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, main building, Schillerplatz 3, 1010 Vienna, Office of the Rector, room M 5, and Office of the Vice-Rector for Art | Research, room M 21

In memoriam Gunter Damisch
Matthias Bernhard, Luz Olivares Capelle, sowohl als auch [both the one and the other]

In the 2016/2017 winter semester, xposit two sixteen is dedicated to the memory of Gunter Damisch – artist, teacher, human being and friend.

Opening: Fri., 14 October 2016, 1.00 p.m.
Meeting point: Office of the Rector, room M 5
Words of welcome: Eva Blimlinger
Introduction to the exhibition sowohl als auch [both the one and the other]: Veronika Dirnhofer (graphic arts and printmaking techniques)

Office of the Vice-Rector for Teaching | Promotion of Early Stage Artists/Researchers, room M 5
Words of welcome: Karin Riegler
Introduction to the work of Matthias Bernhard

Office of the Vice-Rector for Art | Research, room M 21
Words of welcome: Andrea B. Braidt
Introduction to the work of Luz Olivares Capelle
To be followed by refreshments

Opening hours (M 5 & M 21)
Fri., 14 October 2016, 1.00 p.m. – 3.00 p.m. (opening)
20 January 2017, 1.00 p.m. – 4.00 p.m. / Artist talks in the context of the open days 2017

For visits outside of opening hours, please contact .

Matthias Bernhard

Matthias Bernhard was born in Kitzbühel in 1985. He studied fine arts (graphic arts and printmaking techniques) with Gunter Damisch and received his diploma in 2012.

In his recent works, Matthias Bernhard thematically explores the amalgamation of seriousness and corny sentimentality, which he shatters with both humor and irony. In his paintings, polymorphic forms communicate through many layers in dynamic, colorful confusion on the canvas. Carpet-like, they break into the surface of the canvas, in a constant fluctuation between dissolution and transformation. Using a process-oriented and playful approach, Bernard exploits all the possibilities of the painting-specific subject/object relationship; at the same time, by emphasizing materiality and creating a significant framework, he leaves no doubt that the picture is not so much a "quasi-subject" as an object. (Anja Werkl)

Matthias Bernhard, Das Mädchenauge , 2013–2015. Oil, ink, and other materials on canvas, 192 x 139 cm

Luz Olivares Capelle

Luz Olivares Capelle was born in Rufino, Argentina. She studied film directing at the E.N.E.R.C. (Escuela Nacional de Experimentación y Realización cinematográfica) in Buenos Aires. This was followed by a master’s program studying with Michael Haneke at the Film Academy Vienna (Department of Film and Television) of the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, and studies in fine arts (graphic arts and printmaking techniques) with Gunter Damisch at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

Reorganizing classification systems, jumbling set categories, blurring boundaries, or simply unlearning things that have been learned: this is an important part of Olivares Capelle’s work. Professioneller Dilettantismus is the experimental production that arose parallel to film projects such as Apariciones , El ritual del color , Wald der Echos and Performing me? These films were born on paper and also recorded on paper. The sketches or notation systems created in this way serve as cookbooks, photo albums, diaries, logbooks, or screenplays; they act as a compass for the unknown work and the path that its creator will follow. They create a portrait of the process of making something visible, of capturing the invisible and seeing with closed eyes; in doing so, the process of "becoming a picture" is repeatedly staged or deconstructed in different ways: a search for the moment in which the material breaks into illusion.

Luz Olivares Capelle, Film stills from Apariciones , 2013. Manually coated photo negatives on watercolor paper, 8 x 10.2 cm. each

sowohl als auch
[both the one and the other]

Gunter Damisch’s teaching was characterized by strong curiosity and a lively interest in artistic activity and expression, in the irrepressible drive to create and the need to take action – in sowohl als auch (both the one and the other), his often-quoted maxim. He took a great deal of time for his students; he wanted to understand them, exchange ideas with them, share his unique knowledge, and watch how things and people grow and worlds change.

The artists and works presented in this exhibition are equally diverse, expressive, and independent. The exhibition juxtaposes artists who have just completed their diploma and are at the beginning of their careers with artists who have established themselves in the art market and others who have deliberately decided not to do so. What we all learned from Gunter, and what is an inherent element of these works, is that we take our work and its necessity seriously, even if we sometimes feel that it is a lost cause.

"It has repeatedly proven to be the case that lost causes are the points at which the things most important for humanity occur. A person has to have unshakeable hope and love for humanity to think such a thought, in which belief in the power of transformation is as deeply anchored as an unalterable awareness of the transience of all things." (Marica Bodrozic, Mein weißer Frieden [My White Peace])

Get connected. (Veronika Dirnhofer)


Valentin Aigner , Sami Ajouri , Simina Badea , Stephanie Balih , Christian Bazant-Hegemark , Luka Jana B., Matthias Bernhard, Catharina Bond , Ursula Susanne Buchart , Günter Bucher , Luis Casanova Sorolla , Anemona Crisan , Paul DeFlorian , Die 4 Grazien , Iris Dittler , Dalma Dobisz , Daniel Domig , Barbara Eichhorn , Theresa Eipeldauer , David Eisl , Coelestine Engels, Farshido , Lizzy Fidler , Franz the lonely Austrionaut , Georg Frauenschuh , Mark Fridvalszki , Ronald Fritz, Susanna Gartmayer , Laura Gebetsroither , Taha Ghanimi Fard, Michela Ghisetti , Lena Göbel , Bernd Graus , Pirmin Hagen, Philipp Haselwanter , Alexander Hengl , Valentin Hirsch , Lukas Hochrieder , Luisa Kasalicky , Christine Katscher, Taline Kechichian , Kristin Kelich , Narges Khodabakhshi , Markus Kircher , Adrienn Kiss , Mathias Kloser , Darina Kmetova , Sebastian Koch , Ronald Kodritsch , Andrea Konrad , Eric Kressnig , Daniel Leidenfrost , Cindy Leitner , Marko Lulic , Sissi Makovec, Sarah Iris Mang , Anna Mitterer , Jöran C. W. Möller , Johannes Niesel-Reghenzani , Florian Nitsch , Nobuhiko Numazaki , Peter Obermoser Sojer , Nick Oberthaler , Otko, Daniela Palma Caetano Auer , Charlotte Pann , Philip Patkowitsch, Matthias Peyker , Tobias Pils, Andrej Polukord , Mathias Pöschl, Anna Reisenbichler , Natascha Renner , Tina Ribarits , Raphaela Riepl , Judith Rohrmoser , Mariela Schöffmann , Anna Schreger , Anneliese Schrenk , Vinz Schwarzbauer , Fabian Seiz, Martina Steckholzer , Angela Strohberger, Kalina Strzalkowski, theclosing , Simon Vith , Marianne Vlaschits , Peter Wehinger , Christian Weigl , Andreas Werner , Micha Wille , Stephanie Winter , Gerlind Zeilner

As of 12 October 2016