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Thicket of Ideas – Thicket of Times. Studierende der Akademie im Dialog mit Raqs Media Collective

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Schillerplatz 3, 1. floor
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1010 Vienna

Artists: İklim Doğan, Nikolas Ettel, Jannik Franzen, Giulia Gabrielli, Natalia Gurova, Kyungrim Jang, Robert Jolly, Julia Kronberger, Cathérine Lehnerer, Guilherme Pires Mata, Sebastian Meyer, Vitória Monteiro, Michelle Seidl, Sophie Anna Stadler, Ujjwal Kanishka Utkarsh
Curator: Stephanie Damianitsch

The group exhibition Thicket of Ideas – Thicket of Times. Students of the Academy in Dialogue with Raqs Media Collective coincide with the reopening of the Academy in the contemporary exhibition space at Schillerplatz and is envisaged as a parallel exhibition to the collection presentation Hungry for Time curated by Raqs Media Collective in the Gemäldegalerie. It show works by students from all institutes of the Academy that take a critical look on works from the collections of the Gemäldegalerie, Kupferstichkabinett, and Glyptothek from a decolonial perspective. The engagement with the artworks of the collections was inspired by questions articulated by the Raqs Media Collective with regard to their exhibition and/or tie in with the Academy’s existing expertise and debates in the field of postcolonial theory development. Art works but also collaborative, cross media art works, digital formats, ideas for display solutions as well as concepts and programs from the field of art education form in their synopsis that “thicket” of ideas alluded to in the exhibition title Thicket of Ideas – Thicket of Times. Hence, the presentation is intended as a sounding board to the collection exhibition curated by Raqs in the Gemäldegalerie.