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What are you looking at?

Event Label
Class Exhibition
Organisational Units
Exhibit Eschenbachgasse
Location Address (1)
Eschenbachgasse 11 | at the corner of Getreidemarkt
Location ZIP and/or City (1)
1010 Vienna

Under the slogan What are you looking at? the studio of Contextual Painting invites to Exhibit Eschenbachgasse.

What are you looking at?
What are you looking at (in art)?
What are you looking at (in general)?
What are you looking at (lately)?
Is it worth it? 
Is it meaningful?

Are you really looking (closely)?
Are you (sure)?

What are you looking at?
Why are you looking at me/us?
Are we/Am I too different for your understandings?
Are you just banally judging or genuinely looking? 

A group exhibition of the studio Contextual Painting with works by Aaron Nora Scherer, Adel, Aklima Iqbal, Ali Zare, Amanda Jahn, André Rachadel, Carli Biller, Daniel Sea, Em Schwarzwald, Flávia Mudesto, Francis Hirschl, Hasti, Isabelle Edi, MSTEAZAH, Ju Aichinger, Leandro Barros, Lia Kastiyo-Spinósa, Lia Quirina, Lisa Braid, Luiza Furtado, MagdaTheGreat, Max Broht, Minz Cho:Minhee, Rini Swarnaly Mitra, Rodericus, Sattva Giacosa, Seul A Shin, Stefan-Manuel Eggenweber, Tabea Briggs, Teresa Batagra, Theresa Plank, Thomas Vava, Tubi Malcharzik, Val Holfeld, Vivi Zurita, Ymo 09, Poppaea Sabina

Opening Times:
. From Tuesday to Sunday
. 12–6 pm
. Exhibit Eschenbachgasse

. Opening: 25.10., 6 pm
. Performance-Days: 27.10. and 3.11., 6 pm
. Party: 03.11., 22 Uhr, location: Blue Lagoon, Schadekgasse 2, 1060 Vienna
. Finissage: 09.11., 18 Uhr