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Arts of Change - Change of Arts

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Exhibit Eschenbachgasse
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Eschenbachgasse 11 | at the corner of Getreidemarkt
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1010 Vienna

Vernissage on 4.12. at 19 h

Travelling exhibition of student projects on art, sustainability and transformation - young artists transform the world.

The interdisciplinary coaching programme Arts of Change - Change of Arts supports students of the arts in realising a project on the topics of art, sustainability and socio-ecological transformation. From October 2023 to January 2024, the 16 artistic positions from the four project years will be exhibited at all participating universities and one additional location. The artists are looking forward to welcoming you to the exhibition in December at Exhibit Eschenbachgasse at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna!

The following projects will be exhibited on site:
I REALLY F** DON’T UNDERSTAND (experimental documentary)
Can you learn compassion? Can you become more compassionate? I REALLY F** DON'T UNDERSTAND gives insight in the emotional and ideological world of activists who have willingly occupied a forest in Germany, putting themselves on the front line to protect it from exploitation and destruction. These activists serve as a microcosm for broader discussions on compassion, a concept that the film expands to encompass not just human life, but also microorganisms and nature in its entirety. The film explores the tension between feeling compassionate and the readiness to translate this feeling into action. At its core, the movie raises awareness to the interconnectedness of all living beings.

Pro:jekt/tect Echo (installation with documentary film; 2023)
The summer of 2023 was one of the warmest summers in Austria on record, with climate change playing a key role. Among other things, such heatwaves massively accelerate the melting of glaciers. Five young artists have taken this fact as an opportunity to explore the topic of climate and glaciers in Austria, using the Taschachferner as an example. With their interactive sound installation "Echo", which was on display on the glacier near Taschachhaus from September 7th to 9th 2023, the artists raised awareness of the problem of global warming. The exhibition shows an installation as well as the documentation of the glacier ascent with a subsequent performance on the Taschachferner in Tyrol.

The Game Boyi (experimental board game with audiovisual background music in Chinese; 2023)
Bo (博), bó, big. Yi, yì, bright. Facing this seemingly clumsy hand-hewn chess set, the world I am embedded in can be as small as a shell or as small as the endless sea. I would love to invite you all on board, where thoughts are constantly boiling.

Hydro.K (sculpture and smartphone app; 2023)
Hydro.K is a speculative art project that aims to address the critical issue of water scarcity and promote sustainable water use in our communities. The project will serve as a catalyst for conversation and reflection by interweaving artistic expression with scientific understanding. The exhibition features an installative condensation structure and an accompanying smartphone app.

STOFF_Wechsel (textile; 2021)
This project comprises an interactive installation in public space, which was first realised in Auer-Welsbach-Park in Vienna at the beginning of September 2021. The installation focuses on two areas that are closely intertwined through their capitalist instrumentalisation for more growth and efficiency: the inseparable pair of consumption and production. In addition to highlighting these problem areas, it is also about the participatory development of solutions in the utopia space at the centre of the installation, in which transformative approaches to one's own way of life (values, thinking, behaviour) towards degrowth are devised and tested with passers-by through various media-based, playful inputs.

Bodies of Water (mixed media; 2023)
How do patriarchal structures dictate the course of nature and women*, how do they shape and regulate us? And how can we create a hydrofeminist utopia as a counter-movement? The interdisciplinary art project Bodies of Water reflects on the role of women's* and water bodies in society from a feminist perspective.

et art. (audiovisual and graphic translations of emotions; 2022)
As part of their participation in Arts of Change, the artistic collective et art. explored the topic of forest fires in Austria musically, lyrically and photographically on the basis of a scientific publication. The central element of the research project is a physical artists' magazine, a so-called zine. The resulting publication 01: Fire consists of audio-visual and literary translations of the selected research publication on forest fires in connection with the climate crisis in Austria. et art. also conceived a thematic exhibition and concert reading. 01: Fire deals with questions such as: What does it feel like when a forest burns? What does a metaphorical fire look like? And how can the gap between knowledge and emotions be bridged? The collective still exists and is currently focusing on water and the climate crisis.

Healing Earth (children's book; 2021)
Nowadays, damaged material possessions are often disposed of and replaced with new purchases. The Healing Earth project aims to set an example for the next generation. The children's book Healing Earth deals with the handling of belongings as well as the connection with other people and with oneself. By telling a story, the book shows children why it can be important and also fulfilling to keep belongings for longer. It is intended to show a way out of the throwaway and consumer society and thematises that the relationship with oneself and others is more important than owning material things. The artists have self-published the book in a limited edition; remaining copies can be purchased from the Arts of Change project coordinator and at the vernissages and finissages of the travelling exhibition for 20-25 euros (price range according to self-assessment).

For more information on the opening hours of the seven locations, please visit the following website:

Further locations of the travelling exhibition 2023/24:

  • 7.10.-29.10.2023: Eisenberger Fabrik Gmünd (Kooperation mit “Art and Future Lab”)
  • 16.-24.11.2023: Universität Mozarteum Salzburg
  • 27.11.-3.12.2023: Kunstuniversität Linz
  • 4.-11.12.2023: Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
  • 8.-14.1.2024: University of Applied Arts Vienna
  • 15.-21.1.2024: mdw Vienna
  • 22.-28.1.2024: Kunstuniversität Graz

Performances at the vernissage on December 4th at 19 h

To hear a forest burning
Friederike Teller, University of Applied Arts Vienna

Clay, Light, Sound
Jacob Bartmann, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (clay/ceramics and light)
Zekö Sebesy, Mozarteum University Salzburg (sound)

among us"
Cäcilia Raab, University of Music and Performing Arts Graz (cello & dance)
Konstantina Hornek, University of Applied Arts Vienna (Spoken Word)