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Hosam Omran X Dalia Hassan

Concert, lecture and talk with Zehra Baraçkılıç and Ruby Sircar

Organisational Units
Exhibit Gallery
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Schillerplatz 3, 1. floor
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1010 Vienna

Inviting different generations to the project and exhibition space is important to show the commonly understood narrative offered by various diaspora and migrant communities. We thus cover a timeline from the late 20th century to contemporary productions while the stories and biographies represented go far beyond it – being caught in the onslaught of the aftermath of colonial and economic propositions that might even be unwanted.

Hosam Omran and Studio Hassan narrate very different stories through their artistic interplay, and the project asks for self-defined and universally understood semantic visual and audible phrases. The interviews and soundtracks of popular artistic work by Hosam Omran and Studio Hassan can be read in a multitude of ways and represent the most pidginized and self-sufficient artistic grammar possible. The adamant and clear-phrased political agenda to be free from othering, superstition and alien expectations. Knowing that whoever tries to define you as subaltern with a voice is wrong. Diasporas are no longer members of subalternity.

Both artists will take part in the event via online connection.