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(Cancelled) Simon Inou X Course Participants

Workshop hosted by Zehra Baraçkılıç and Ruby Sircar

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Schillerplatz 3, 1. floor
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1010 Vienna

Simon Inou will help participants of the course to realize their projects as podcasts by offering an introduction to consciously using media and radio programming to create intersectional narratives and allow a rethinking and undoing of privileges that are not blessings but rather disguised hindrances to create future linearities.

After having studied sociology in Duala, Cameroon, and journalism in Vienna, Simon cofounded and edited Le Messager des Jeunes (1992 to 1995), Cameroon’s first youth newspaper. He fled to Austria for political-journalistic reasons, where he was granted asylum. Inou was editor in chief of Radio Afrika International in Vienna (1998–2005), and cofounder and editor in chief of (2003 to date). He coordinated various (media) projects (for example, the Wiener Zeitung and Die Presse), organized the Medien.Messe.Migration (2008–2015), and founded the association for the promotion of intercultural media work M-MEDIA in 2007. He has worked on projects such as Non-discriminatory Textbooks for Austria, and Africans in the Mauthausen Concentration Camp. He is currently involved in the project 3RRR – RESTITUTION, REHABILITATION and RECONCILIATION, which focusses on the restitution of African cultural assets. He is head of training and diversity at Radio ORANGE 94.0. He has received various awards, including the Federal Decoration of Honor in 2008. The workshop will be held in conjunction with Black Austria:freshVibes,