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Finissage und Artist Talks

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Akbild Forum, Getreidemarkt 12/3, 1010 Vienna

On the weekend of September 4 and 5 the opening of the curated by f estival takes place at Eschenbachgasse in Vienna. The Exhibition Space of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna at Eschenbachgasse 11 is also open and invites in the context of the current exhibitions "Motion into Being" Reframed and Terese Kasalicky. Avoid the Void to artist talks at Akbild Forum at Getreidemarkt.

Sept. 4, 2 pm Artist Talk: Bettina Brunner in conversation with Elisabeth Kihlström and Sofie Thorsen

The group exhibition "Motion into Being" Reframed deals with regimes of representation as a complex of conventions and rules. In the artist talk, curator Bettina Brunner discusses with two artists of her exhibition the question of whether and how this system can be confronted via the dimension of play and the permanently changing interplay of bodies, visual forms and linguistic structures.

Sept. 4, 4 pm Artist Talk: Terese Kasalicky in conversation with Ines Hochgerner

Terese Kasalicky talks with the artist and art historian Ines Hochgerner about the background of her exhibition and provides insight into her research-based as well as intuitive working method and the creation of her sculptures, in which she condenses her exploration of ornamental structures, which she understands as information carriers of cultural history.

Terese Kasalicky
Installation view Terese Kasalicky. Avoid the Void © eSel / Joanna Pianka

Akbild Forum
Getreidemarkt 12/3
1010 Vienna

The number of participants is limited. Please register at
Admission to the event will be according to the 3-G rule.
The current COVID19 protective measures apply.
Wearing a mouth-nose protection is mandatory during the event.

The exhibitions can be visited in the Exhibition Space of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna on September 4 from 11 am to 6 pm and on September 5 from 12 am to 6 pm and run until September 18.

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