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On Painting: Fragment and the Loss of Images

Katharina Schilling

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Exhibit Eschenbachgasse
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Exhibit Eschenbachgasse
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Eschenbachgasse 11 | at the corner of Getreidemarkt
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1010 Vienna

On Painting is a talk series initiated by Luisa Kasalicky of the abstract painting studio in 2013. Students, alumni, faculty and guests meet to discuss contemporary painting exclusively through the means of original works.

The expanded concept for the new series of On Painting will be held over four events commencing in the 2022 summer semester. Artists will be invited to bring in their own painting, which will be exhibited in the Exhibit Eschenbachgasse space alongside a reference object and a copy of a historical painting.

Which connections can we draw between the contemporary painting and the historical one when the latter dates back to 1550 and the former to 2021? Do they adhere to particular formal aesthetic choices that emerge from the intrinsic logics of an intense engagement with painting itself? How influential is the content on the form and vice versa?  Which axes converge between the historical painting and the contemporary painting with regards to the selected reference object? The Moon Crater vases, for example, designed in the 70s, have an exterior structure reminiscent of the moon's surface. We can associate encrustation with patina, weathering, and states of aggregation, and ultimately invoke it as a metaphor for temporality. Were the exhibited painting to address one of these concepts then parallels could emerge.

Issues related to painting will be explored via the constellation of the three media according to their relational affinities, which will serve as a basis for the public discussion. After a conversation with the exhibiting artist, there will be a theoretical lecture focusing on the specific painterly focal points of the invited painters. On the following day, the works are on display at Exhibit Eschenbachgasse between 11am–3pm.

All dates:

5.5. and 6.5.: Katharina Schilling
5.7. and 6.7.2022: Florian Schmidt
20.10. and 21.10.2022: Georg Frauenschuh
15.11. and 16.11.2022: Sophia Mairer

About painting: Katharina Schilling
Fragment and the Loss of Images
May 5

Fragment and the Loss of Images
Conversation between Katharina Schilling and Luisa Kasalicky
. 7 pm
. Exhibit Eschenbachgasse

In her series of paintings Sand is water you can walk on, Katharina Schilling refers to medieval illuminations: While she appropriates the drawings of these manuscripts in a painterly way, she equally alienates the source material by fragmenting, collaging, or even mirroring it through cuttings, so that the motivic origin disappears into the vague. The images remember, and speculate about their future.

Before Art/After Art: Flat Pictures in the Middle Ages and Today
Lecture by Eva Hegge
. 8 pm
. Exhibit Eschenbachgasse

Since modern times art is created in the dichotomy between subject and object, between author/viewer and work. We are used to the fact that art has and should have meaning for us and that it relates to us as we relate to it. However, this dualistic relationship, which has been firmly practiced spatially since central perspective, is in the process of dissolving, and with it possibly what we understand by art. The lecture attempts to trace this posthumanistically and subject-critically – and in doing so to take a speculative look at what was immediately before art and perhaps for this very reason is now being played anew by contemporary artists such as Katharina Schilling: the Middle Ages.

Lecture by Eva Hegge, Eva Hegge is a filmmaker, art scholar and mediator in Cologne.

About painting: Katharina Schilling
Fragment and the Loss of Images
May 6

On the following day, May 6, the works are on display at Exhibit Eschenbachgasse between 11 am–3 pm.