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Speaking Objects

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Exhibit Gallery
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Schillerplatz 3, 1st floor
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1010 Vienna

As her contribution to the exhibition Thicket of Ideas – Thicket of Times Cathérine Lehnerer offers a workshop in cooperation with Rawan Almohamad, Munar Khalid Biiq and Arabina Amedoska.

For this event the 2G Plus regulation applies.

Speaking Objects is an art educational concept by schoolgirls for adults, through which pictures are brought to speak. Rawan, Munar and Arabina lead through the exhibition Hungry for Time and enable unprejudiced access to the works selected by the Raqs Media Collective. Pictures become protagonists of our own stories. Resulting irritations and confusion will be collected in a comic book. The cats invite you to dance.

· Gemäldegalerie, Schillerplatz 3, 1010 Vienna, Meeting point: Foyer
. 2:30pm to 4pm
. Registration required at
. Please note: for participation in the event the 2G Plus regulation applies (vaccinated or recovered and PCR-tested)!