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Lecture by Anna-Sophie Berger and Teak Ramos
Advice You Can Take

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Lecture series Lektionen / Lessons
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Paintings Gallery
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Schillerplatz 3, 1st floor
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1010 Vienna

Anna-Sophie Berger and Teak Ramos met in New York City and started to exchange thoughts for their collaboration in 2020. They developed a series of works that took its departure in text and image-based research shared digitally over the course of a year.

Leading up to their joint exhibition at the MACRO museum in Rome the project came to eventually be titled You can have my brain culled from the Bachmann Award speech of German author Rainald Goetz in 1983. Ultimately, they used their archive of visual material to create garments made from paper print outs stitched onto fabric. Ten chromatique mannequins wearing these pieces make up the work Something for Everyone / Everything for No One that is on view at the Art Collections of the Academy. With the speculative promise of Advice You Can Take the two artists continue their idiosyncratic communication within the framework of a lecture.

Teak Ramos (Ohio, 1992) is an artist based in New York City.

Anna-Sophie Berger (Vienna, 1989) is an artist based in Vienna and New York.

Lektionen / Lessons

In the new format of the lecture series Lektionen / Lessons the Art Collections will offer in-depth insights into the background and contexts of the artworks of the exhibitions in the Paintings Gallery.

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Victor I. Stoichita

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